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Pinnacle Associates arose from the experiences of its founder, Phil McNee, in 2007, after over sixteen years working in regulation, industry and global consulting.

Phil became frustrated by the confusing and conflicting messages around Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Corporate Governance (CG) and also by the widely varying approach of large consultancies to their Clients. He also became despondent with multiple, ineffective and inefficient Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality (HSEQ) management systems in many organisations. After spending over six years in industry, Phil recognised the significant limitations of traditional auditing techniques and the plethoria and ever growing list of standards and frameworks all fighting for recognition.

Setting the scene

All too often, the common reaction to solve the next risk management problem is to introduce yet another standard or framework to be assessed against - more fog!!!!

The solution is simple and straightforward - a framework to manage all these issues based on stakeholder needs and business performance.

Setting the Scene Two

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Of course, auditing such a framework requires different approaches and techniques - a revolution compared to the way we traditionally audit.

For more information, click here [ Revolution ].

Together, these approaches and solutions help our Clients better achieve their business goals and create a platform for sustainability.


Pinnacle Associates has a unique approach to risk management and places complete Client satisfaction at the centre of its operating philosophy and values.


  • Are totally committed to serving our Clients and providing successful results
  • Ensure that our service delivery is always of the highest quality and technical excellence
  • Understand our Clients' businesses and are passionate about helping them to improve
  • Build lasting relationships based on honesty, trust, mutual respect and integrity
  • Are innovative and forward thinking
  • Are at the leading edge of what we do

Our solutions are tailored to our Client's businesses and individual requirements. We work with a network of partners to ensure our approach is supported by business best practice.

Our products and services that are uniquely linked - allowing us to provide project management, assistance, knowledge transfer and support allowing you to deliver significant improvements in performance, reduce your risks and meet your business needs.

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