Chemicals and Restricted Substances
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The Registration Evaluation Authorisation (and restriction) of CHemicals Regulations - the REACH Regulations - are now in force and will be fully implemented over an 11-year period in a phased approach.

The focus of REACH is to ensure that around 30,000 of the most frequently used substances, and all new ones, are registered along with the appropriate level of safety data. Substances of very high concern (SVHC) may also need their use to be authorised and, potentially, this can be at significant cost to industry.

Today, the challenges facing industry include:

  • Potential obsolescence due to the prohibitive costs of registration and, in particular, authorisation of SVHCs
  • Potential price increases due to costs
  • Pre-registration (until December '08) and registration thereafter
  • SVHCs may have to be authorised
  • Considering alternatives to SVHCs in future designs
  • Further substance restrictions likely
  • All Material Safety Data Sheets need to be updated
  • Most complex Regulations of all (849 pages)
  • Other Restricted Substance Policies and Lists - Customers and other National Legislation

These Regulations cover all chemical substances, including preparations manufactured or imported into the EU, in quantities greater than 1 tonne per year. There are exemptions for substances covered by other legislation, e.g. radioactive substances, medicines and pest control products.

Manufacturers and importers have to gather information on their products, including the properties of the chemicals, and register them with a central database, co-ordinated by the European Chemical Agency (ECHA). Registration begins on 1 June 2008 until 30th November 2008. After this initial stage, all uses of a chemical, downstream of its manufacture, will need to be identified and registered by the full registration.

Pinnacle can work with your organisation to identify how you are obliged under REACH and Customer Restricted Substances and Lists;

  • Manage the risks and opportunities posed by REACH/Restricted Substances
  • Provide expertise on SVHC management
  • Track and assess the impacts of similar REACH regulations as they develop worldwide.
  • Gap analysis to identify the impact
  • Compliance plan development
  • Training / seminars
  • Supplier assessment

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