Due Dilligence
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The purpose of carrying out a due dilligence risk assessment for development proposals in potentially contaminated sites is to establish if a site poses an actual or potential risk to human health or the environment.

This includes human health or the environment, groundwater, surface water and ecosystems and a "suitable for use" approach is taken.

Risk assessment of potentially contaminated sites is carriedout in a phased approach.

The initial assessment, or Phase 1, involves the identification of potential sources, pathways and receptors leading to the construction of a conceptual model, detailing all possible pollutant linkages on and off site.

This may lead to subsequent phases of risk assessment as follows:

  • Phase 2 - site investigation
  • Phase 3 - remediation strategy
  • Phase 4 - post remediation monitoring

Our expertise enables us to develop effective strategies and solutions for development projects - key Pinnacle staff have worked with a major high street bank, providing environmental advice on their UK lending propositions.

This involved assessing the risks associated with their customers businesses and the land that the bank took as security.

We assist private and public sector Clients in all stages of Phase 1 and subsequent risk assessment phases, including:

  • Desktop study
  • Past use
  • Consultation and information research
  • Potential sources of contamination
  • Hazard assessment
  • Physical characteristics
  • Walkover survey
  • Conceptual model and recommendations

Phase 2:

  • Sampling strategy and plan
  • Number of samples and methods
  • Laboratory accrediation and reference guideline values

Phase 3:

  • Objectives and options
  • Health and Safety
  • Verification / Completion
  • Monitoring, source, pathway and receptor control

Phase 4:

  • Validation and completion
  • Monitoring strategy

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